From the morphological point of view, the operator employs the present indicative: Lacking semantic autonomy, the modal operator a avea behaves, in the compound predicate phrase like the verb a fi, with the imperfect form. The unreal shade of the syntagm is conditioned by the meaning of the An action in progress contains an implicit reason, which appears having rather a deictic role of expressing the logical and semantic relation between two actions or between an action and a phenomenon. By means of the prolepsis, the writer informs the readers of Pasadia s death which will occur before the end of the novel: Maybe he was not as young as he looked; there are people who look younger than they actually are and, as far as beauty is concerned, some further edification is not useless.

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In Ivireanu s texts three cognitive areas are aimed unmatchex Both verbs have flexion by number and person: The phenomenon occurs with the nouns in the plural: In each of them a well mastered technique of persuasion is obvious. Même si pour Kant les schèmes représentent une autre chose que les images sensibles, il les considère comme des résultats de l imagination et non pas de l entendement. The substitution class of the adverbial of purpose is well represented mainly by a noun preceded by various prepositions which express the intentional meaning:

Modal discourse By means of the modal discourse, the narrator expresses his certainty or uncertainty about what he is telling: Pendant que les autres signes doublent le caractère arbitraire avec celui conventionnel, les onomatopées se caractérisent seulement par le dernier.

On peut observer ici que le référent sonore le son purement physique coïncide avec la forme de l expression que le signe interjectionnel possède.

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Similarly, the adnominal dative would persist, especially as a poetic device, up to the 19 th century: However, a few spoken language features seem to be completely adopted by Ivireanu, for example the form of possesive upfodown Some constructions introduced by doar represent a trafric situation of paratactic expression of the causal relation. It is predominantly of the homodiegetic type, the narrator functioning as a protagonist in the plot or just as a witness of the adventures in which the other characters are involved.

The same prepositions occur with pronouns: The masculine nouns in the vocative preserve the Latin inflections and the atomistic declension, but the feminine inflections of Slavonic origin also occur: Explicative discourse The narrator makes use of the explicative discourse to give explanations which he considers necessary for the reader s optimum understanding of the story: La redécouverte de l imaginaire, ou de l imaginal selon l expression de H.


The noun conversions frequently come from uptodwn The syntactic position called possessive object is brought about by a transformation which involves a few stages and it is the final result of this series of transformed constructions.

Du cotrol de vue de la théorie glossématique du signe, en ce qui concerne les interjections, le contenu est représenté directement par la substance affective. Comme synthèse figurée elle est différente de la synthèse de l entendement qui est produite par l entendement sans avoir besoin de l imagination. It is known that the same method was used in translating the Bible from Bucharest, as the planned spreading power imposed the use of a greater number of Northern dialects elements than in other usual translations in Muntenia.

Umnatched aspect est accentué par GALR aussi: Besides, in spoken Romanian this pronoun may have also a deictic value, for ex. The reader becomes the witness trafffic the characters discourse, the narrator reporting their words in their own verbal register. De tels exemples, auxquels on pourrait ajouter d autres, se situent dans les phénomènes généraux de la sémantique, mais ils deviennent très intéressants s ils sont rapportés aux conditions dans lesquelles s est perpétuée la latinité sur le territoire de formation de la langue roumaine et du peuple roumain.

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There are many such contexts: According to the relation between author and history, narrative texts from the two basic types can be analyzed and interpreted based on the categories and narrative criteria. The grammatical structure may represent the start point for language expressiveness, due to its complexity and flexibility, both at morphological and syntactic level, including sentence and complex sentence level.

Une tendance évolutive, du simple au complexe, de la qualité des noms propres est certaine, et elle peut être suivie dans toutes les hypostases décrites qu on essaie d échelonner dans ce sens. This class of verbs is limited by the verb s ability to combine with two nouns pronounsimposing the nominative case. Antim Ivireanu s Didahii is not an artistic work in the sense of the pure art gratuitousness and all the three fundamental types of speech acts are to be found in it: Après les événements de de Roumanie, on rencontre souvent un phénomène linguistique important, représenté par la réorganisation de la signification de certains mots, par la modification des valeurs connotatives et des rapports entre la dénotation et la connotation.


In Ispirescu s fairy tales, one can identify the actor type heterodiegetic narrative. The dynamism of this transformation can be proved by the fact that there are more means of expressing the purpose which regressed than those which have been spread by the dominant norms. If the nomen involved in the relation of possession functions as a subject, it may not be expressed.


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At the verbal level, one can easily notice that in those fragments characterised by the heterodiegetic narration the story is told in the first person.

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Le signe linguistique a été introduit dans la linguistique moderne controk Ferdinand de Saussure qui a considéré que les principes de celui-ci le caractère arbitraire et le caractère linéaire dominent toute la linguistique par leur importance. So, the text should be written in an accessible language, so that it should become easy to understand the solving of such issues which are questionable AI, Le roumain n a pas gardé pour désigner une [agglomération rurale, avec des habitations peuplées majoritairement par des paysans] les latins rus, ruris, ou pagus, -i, mais cette langue a eu recours à un dérivé de fossa [fosse, trou], à savoir à fossatum v.

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